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Aim could be1. Motivate / Create / Support - CIVIL Service Aspirants2. Identify Different Topics that are potential R&D and Discuss around it to form a good research Group.3. Senior Experts in the field can support the Junior Learners4.



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    Post  Admin on Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:38 am

    One Must Enjoy his/her preparation(Studies) inorder to succeed in the examintaion...
    LIFE is to Learn In Full Energy & Enjoyment....

    Idea was soon born, when all are in great confusion about what to read regarding new pattern?
    Many followed same old magazines, many same websites, blogs, communities. Many purchased as many books as possible & went on searching untill the exam started, including coaching centres.

    Finally, on the day of the exam it was clear that one who doesn't follows the herd, has fairly good chance to score more.

    - learn most of the things from your surroundings

    - think independently, not follow a new topic directly from a book, magazine etc.,

    - dont collect facts, but always try to interlink them, get themes out of them

    - try to concentrate on UPSC exam papers only...not on any model papers by any coaching centre...they will change your focus often..

    - see the syllabus and previous question paper daily, just to keep in touch with upsc requiresments, rather than other coaching centres private thinking/guessing

    - try to clarify every doubt of yours by searching in mobile wikipedia, and know basic info regarding every possible thing...

    - collect mains questions from basic problems of life on earth...with special orientation to India

    - observe-think-read-analyse-self examine-revise-execute...

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