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Aim could be1. Motivate / Create / Support - CIVIL Service Aspirants2. Identify Different Topics that are potential R&D and Discuss around it to form a good research Group.3. Senior Experts in the field can support the Junior Learners4.

    Important topics-- Mains Perspective..


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    Important topics-- Mains Perspective.. Empty Important topics-- Mains Perspective..

    Post  Admin on Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:24 am

    How to handle agitations?
    • Telengana MP’s fast to drop charges against students
    • Gujjar Stir
    • Shiv sena protest against removal of Dadoji Konddeo’s statue: 50
    buses destroyed
    • Loss of public property
    • Disturbance to normal life
    Corruption and Scams • 2G Scam
    • Commonwealth Games scam
    • Adarsh Housing
    • Allegation on CVC P. J. Thomas
    • Allegation on B. S Yedurappa
    • Illegal Mining in Karnataka
    • S-Band spectrum issue
    • Black Money
    • Radia tapes controversy
    • Demand for JPC
    • Karnataka Lokayukta issue

    Internal Security
    • Kashmir Issue
    • Naga issue
    • Separatist movement in North Eastern states
    • Naxalism
    • New initiatives for internal security and Coastal Security

    Centre State relations
    • Karnataka: Role of governor, anti defection and centre state

    Inter state water dispute
    • Krishna tribunal award
    • Babli project
    Babri verdict
    • What to prevail: Faith or Reason
    • Appreciation and Criticism
    Civil liability for nuclear damage bill 2010
    • The Act
    • CSC

    Voting Behavior
    • Landslide win of Nithish Kumar
    • Return of UPA in power

    • Should it be repealed.
    Caste census
    • Why and why not?
    • Merging caste enumeration and head count: pros and cons
    Declining Parliamentary behavior
    • Disruptions in parliament

    Politics of Regionalism
    • Telangana issue
    • Srikrishna panel report
    Freedom of expression
    • Book ban and freedom of expression
    • Freedom of expression and contempt of court

    Women Reservation in India
    Aadhar: Unique Identification Scheme
    Census 2011
    Electoral Reforms
    Police reform
    • Narco test & supreme court;
    Criticism of planning commission

    Judicial reform
    • Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill
    • Centres for Advanced Legal Studies and Research Bill, 2010
    • The Prime Minister has recently called for a major overhaul of the
    legal education system in the country to bring it in tune with the needs of the current socio-economic scenario.
    • Impeachment proceedings against justice Dinakarna and Sukumar Sen
    • Uncle Judge syndrome

    Educational reform
    • Higher education and Research bill
    • Educational tribunals bill
    • Foreign universities bill
    • Privatisation of higher education ©VISION IAS
    • FDI in Higher Education

    Health Sector reform
    • Medical ethics and clinical trial;
    • Bachelor of Rural Health Care course
    • Medical Courses in IIT

    Industrial disasters
    • Bhopal Gas Tragedy
    • Chitra oil spill

    • How to reduce accident in IAF;
    • Railway Safety

    Civil Services Reform
    • ARC
    • Civil Services Survey

    Death penalty
    • Philosophical Debate
    • Mercy plea
    Honor killing
    • about 1000 killed every year
    Gender equality
    • Gender equality and armed forces
    Death of RTI activists;
    Provisions and programs for
    persons with disabilities;
    Surrogacy in India
    • law and morality superstitions

    • IAP-LWE(Integrated action plan for left wing extremism affected areas)

    Food security
    • Food security: Universal or Targeted
    • New proposed bill
    • Difference between NAC and PM/PC
    • Demand for PDS Reform
    PDS reform
    • Behind the success story of universal PDS in TN
    • Inflation & public investment in agriculture ,universal PDS, Future trading
    • Maharashtra using GPS to track kerosene tankers of PDS
    • PDS and biometric, GPS, SMS
    • PDS reforms conferenceInflation
    • New WPI
    • New CPI
    • ESMA
    Paid news
    • SEBI's direction to PCI(PCI's guidelines) regarding private treaties between media houses and listed or to be listed non media

    • Corruption in media
    • Radia tapes controversy

    Environment and Development
    • Jaitpur power plant& peoples protest
    • Plan to give tribal a share of mining profits
    • potential future value of land must be considered for compensation
    • Media hype and reality of new India
    • Implementation of FRA
    • Illegal mining
    • Commission to probe illegal mining of coal, iron and manganese;
    • New Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2010
    • action plan to curb illegal mining;
    • Climate change and Developing countries.
    • POSCO issue
    • National Green Tribunal
    • GM crops
    Decontrol of petrol prices
    • Revenue neutral regime for petroleum tax; Population
    • Population in the era of globalization: asset or liability

    Need for Super Regulator
    • Regulatory bodies : what , why, balance b/w autonomy and accountability
    • ULIPs , IRDA and SEBI
    • issue of overlapping jurisdiction of regulators
    • FSDC

    • benefits and hurdles

    FDI in retail
    • Discussion paper

    Financial inclusion
    • launch of ‘Swabhimaan', a special campaign for financial inclusion to bring banking to the masses
    • New Banking licenses
    • Bank denying Muslim scholarship accounts;
    • One rupee bank account;
    • Mobile Banking
    • Financial inclusion and India post International Issues
    Wikileaks :pros and cons
    Currency war
    Migration, Globalisation etc

    Pro democracy protests in Mediterranean and Arab countries.
    • Egypt, Libya, Yemen etc.

    Environment issues
    • Global warming/Cancun Summit
    • Biodiversity/ Nagoya summit
    Middle East peace process Bilateral
    India's Global Leadership
    • P5 heads visited India in 2010
    • India's Cancun efforts appreciated
    • Global reports predict bright Vibrant Economy
    • India in the Security Council
    2010 - Scripting a landmark year in Indian diplomacy
    Recent Bilateral Updates.
    • USA, Russia, France, China, UK, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia etc.

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